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Game Solutions

The game illustrations adopt the modern American Q version style, which makes the character design more dynamic and colorful. Various landforms, grasslands, forests, wildlife, snow, castles, etc. It is paired with its scenes and music and takes players into a magnificent epic magic world.


Tactical combos of the classic MOBA game

Key feature!

Huge map / creeps respawn / dragon and baron / multi-line warfare / good or bad line Transport equipment / vision control / high-low vision / GANK / gang war / change course points / equipment attack / send around / final attack…

3-Lane Arena Map

40+ Heroes

Equipment Skills

Multiple combinations for different scenarios

Enable microcontrol on mobile devices

4 Hero's Skills

Original MOBA game settings

Continuous release of skills

Versatile talent mixer

Key Feature

"Oath of Glory" is a real-time 3D MMORPG mobile game designed with Q version art style as the prototype design in the world view of gods and demons.


Different job systems dictate the direction of their occupational characteristics and try to make the multi-skilled skill system and single occupation multi-system skill selection and matching, release timing control and interprofessional offensive and defensive team experience.

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